Carteret Research


Carteret Research is the Group’s ‘think-tank’ and provides corporate, financial and quantitative research support to all areas of the Group, and directly to clients worldwide.


We believe that, in order to provide the best possible corporate advisory services across all areas of the Group, we need to know our subjects and topics inside-out. • We have a dedicated team at Carteret Research that provides corporate support to project managers at Carteret Analytics, Carteret Partners and other parts of the Carteret Group – for M&A and strategic advisory, capital raising and restructuring, and quantitative analysis. The Carteret Research team also provide research and insights services directly to our clients.


Carteret Research regularly publishes White Papers with detailed insights on raising capital (both equity and debt) in a variety of sectors and industries. In addition, it publishes White Papers on specific elements of quantitative analysis – for example, on innovation and efficiencies in talent acquisition in the sports sector – as well as wide-ranging Playbooks on everything to be considered when acquiring a top-level football team.


The Carteret Group operates in some fast-paced, and constantly evolving, industries and sectors. It frequently publishes Research Papers that are utilised by international media outlets, such as the BBC, on hot topics and current issues – especially in the sports sector. Carteret Research delivers end-to-end research, drafting and publication for the Carteret Group and, importantly, for specific issues and opportunities for clients worldwide.


The Carteret Group has a highly active research function, examining a wide variety of subjects and topics across a range of business sectors. These include Research Papers, Press Releases and Business Overviews. These are all updated on a regular basis.