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Carteret Analytics provides leading-edge quantitative analysis and commercial analytics in the sports sector, developed from the investment banking expertise utilised at Carteret Group.


Carteret Analytics has developed methodology, research and algorithms – applied in investment banking by its sister company, Carteret Group – to provide highly accurate insights within professional football and rugby on player ability, rating and recruitment. This leading-edge work has developed still further to now also apply to the assessment and recruitment of head coaches, with a series of unique metrics combined within our proprietary algorithms to determine the best compatibility on playing style, cost, strategic and tactical ability and, most importantly, the probability of winning football or rugby matches. Our team performance analysis is entirely unique in that it can accurately predict likely league table position, can ‘game’ competition outcomes and provides extraordinary insights into current team performances (including opposition analysis).


Recognising that there is often potential to significantly increase commercial revenues at professional sports organisations (and particularly top-level football clubs), we have extended our quantitative analysis work to identify (and improve) the intrinsic value of football club data to make it more attractive to bigger, better, more sponsors and partners. This has developed from working with a number of the world’s leading brands, to enable us to build proprietary technology, methodology and algorithms – from the ground up – to objectively determine which clubs (and data) provide the highest propensity to spend for prospective purchasers of brand services and products.


Carteret has a highly active research function, examining a wide variety of subjects and topics across a range of business sectors. These include Research Papers, Press Releases and Business Overviews. These are all updated on a regular basis.